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The initial spark for Optifino came from my desire to humanize and transform the industry I love.

We are building a client-focused portal that views life insurance through a fiduciary compliance lens, offers superior visualization and optimization engine, and streamlines all aspects of underwriting, onboarding, portfolio management and aftercare.

David Kleinhandler
Optifino Co-Founder & CEO
American adults do not believe they have adequate life insurance coverage.
*Source: 2022 Insurance Barometer Study conducted by LIMRA and Life Happens.
Losing a primary earner, 44% of American households would encounter significant financial difficulties within half a year.
*Source: Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA)
Our team has more than 100 years of combined life insurance and investing expertise.
19% of the US consumer financial assets are held in cash value life insurance.
*Federal Reserve Bulletin, September 2020

The role of life insurance

Life insurance is one of the most effective tools for tax-deferred growth. At Optifino, we are fundamental believers that the right portfolio of insurance, built into an asset allocation model, should be the essential ingredient of a family’s financial plan. We focus on designing the optimal portfolio of policies customized to meet your specific needs – ultimately helping to ensure your family’s financial health and stability for generations to come.

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